Hi. My name is Buzz Kanter. I am a long time motorcycle enthusiast with a deep passion for classic motorcycles – especially American ones.

Buzz Kanter on his 1915 Harley “Selma” before the start of the Motorcycle Cannonball in 2010.

In addition to being the publisher of a number of motorcycle magazines currently (American Iron Magazine, Motorcycle Bagger, RoadBike) and in the past (Indian Motorcycle Illustrated, Old Bike Journal and others), I am honored to have been inducted into three motorcycle Halls of Fame: AMA Motoryccle Hall of Fame, National Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame and most recently the Sturgis Museum and Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

A few years ago I launched the Classic American Iron forum and site at www.caimag.com, and more recently decided to create www.Classic-Harley.info to help share as much information as possible regarding the many aspects of classic Harley motorcycles.

This site is done in my spare time (when I am not writing, editing or publishing various motorcycle magazines, including American Iron Magazine, RoadBike and Motorcycle Bagger or managing the Classic American Iron Magazine web site and blog) and out of passion for the machines and the colorful history.

If you would like to join our team here please contact me. Thanks and I hope we can all learn something here and enjoy ourselves doing it.

Buzz Kanter

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  1. bob dortman says:

    saw your stuff on the pan site like your mags always looking for more info if i can help let me know thanks

    • classic1903 says:

      Thanks. This topic is so extensive and there is so much information possible all help is always appreciated. Please feel free to post information, photos, ads are whatever might be interesting to other Harley history buffs.

  2. Lloyd Scott says:

    Thanks for the great info site (found it by way of the AMCA magazine). It’s very pleasing for me to see that you and so many other younger guys are into the classics and are keeping them alive. I’ve been riding for too many years to count and started on a ’38 Indian. Have had several bikes since then and now am riding a ’08 Ultra with a sidecar. But my latest long-desired addition is a ’52 FL with a sidecar which I’ve had for about a year now. I guess, at my age, I’ll never get it completely restored, but at least it’s running pretty good for short jaunts close to home.

    I also thoroughly enjoy American Iron and your CAIM website. Both have been a great help to me. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sandro Miliotti says:

    Hi Buzz, many thanks for this beautiful web site, this is Sandro from Italy I love so much all the old Harley and here I have find a real informations mine and much nice pictures.
    I would have a desire ….. to post on your site a little history with some photos regards a my particular racing Harley motorcycle.
    It’s an hybrid motorcycle used in italian climb race during the past (latest years 30′ and early 40′) a quiet VLD 74ci strengthen with some EL parts as cylinder, heads etc.
    I would be happy to publisch it here, so if you want don’t hesitate to call me directly on my email address.
    Best regards
    Sandro …… and, WWW Harley …… for ever.

  4. Paul says:

    Dear Buzz
    very interesting site you started here, and many thanks for your genuine spirit of sharing information! Your generousity helps to keep them running…
    Best regards,

  5. Manuel Calandron says: