Preston Tucker On 1936 Harley EL Knucklehead – Snappy Dresser

I just came across this wonderful photo of Preston Tucker on a stunning all-white 1936 Harley-Davidson EL and wanted to share it here.

Preston Tucker on classic 1936 Harley EL Knucklehead

I’d have to wonder if this all-white, first year OHV Harley was a special order (to match is snappy shoes perhaps?), something the factory offered everyone, or was it repainted at Mr. Tucker’s request. After all he did own his own car factory (Tucker Automobile) and would have had access to quality mechanics and painters of his own. Most Harleys came from the factory with black frames and black headlight buckets.

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One Response to Preston Tucker On 1936 Harley EL Knucklehead – Snappy Dresser

  1. Several years ago I spoke with Preston’s son, Noble Tucker, about this machine. At the time Preston Tucker owned the Packard dealership in Indianapolis. he bought his new ’36 61″ and took it directly to his dealership where it was torn down and painted white. It is not a factory paint job.