Rare Harley 8-Valve Classic Motorcycle Racer

Seldom do we get to see a real Harley factory racer of this quality. I stumbled over it on Facebook and wanted to share it here on this Classic-Harley.info blog. I believe this rare motorcycle is one of two 8-valve Harley racers owned by Benito Batillanix in Italy.

Classic Harley 8-valve racer

I know little about these bikes, but looking it over I notice the frame, which is similar to a “cut-down” is a keystone (the lower section of the engine cradle is cut out and replaced by a more sturdy set of plates). The engine uses a two cam “banjo” bottom end and 8-valve top with 4 exhaust ports and pipes.

Gear-driven magneto ignition and no front brakes (racers never had them and Harley did not offer them on the street until 1928) and not sure about rear brakes either as I can’t see enough to tell. The front fender appears to be a trimmed down unit and the rear looks purpose-built without the hinge found on street model Harleys of the era.

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  1. Brandon says:

    I’m looking for that 8 valve harley