1920s Classic Harley JE Motorcycle Project

I do not know the seller, but I have been offered what my pal Jim Babchak calls a “ham & eggs” Harley project made up of mostly real Harley parts but from different years and sometimes models. As best I can tell, this particular one is a mid to late 1920s Harley JE. 

Future classic Harley JE motorcycle project

The seller, who has been collecting parts and building this bike for several years, tells me he believes it has a 1925 Harley JE motor and a 1927 Harley J chassis.

I note he has left the clincher rims and tires on the bike and did not add a front brake (first offered by Harley in 1928).

Primary and lower end look fresh. Still need to bolt on the primary cover.

I hope to pick up this classic Harley project in the next week or so and will then have a better idea what I am getting into.

Clincher rim and tires, decent looking rear brakes and exhaust. I hope the workmanship is as good as it looks.

The seller tells me most of the bike is genuine Harley with some high quality reproduction fenders and a few other bits. Also it has what he believed is a Linkert carburetor from a newer Harley WL.  

No plans yet on what I am going to do with this bike, but my options are open. If I keep this up I will know these Harley J models pretty well.

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