Rubber Ducky Floats For Linkert Motorcycle Carburetors

All of us who actually ride our old Harley motorcycles are facing a real and on going issue with how much damage today’s pump gas is doing to the old Linkert carburetors and the floats in them.

After trying various solutions to deal with the ill effects of today’s ethanol laced pump gas I have been very pleased with Rubber Ducky floats which I now run in all my Linkert motorcycle carburetors.

My one concern is how the Rubber Ducky floats will hold up if and when we get a higher blend of ethanol in our pump gas.

For more info on Rubber Ducky floats please click here.

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One Response to Rubber Ducky Floats For Linkert Motorcycle Carburetors

  1. Panhead Gary says:

    I am still running my 2 old pans & use nothing but non-oxygenated fuel with no problems. I live in the northern region where non oxy fuel is readily available for our boats & snowmobiles & classic cars. You can go online & find out who sells the good gas in your area