Last Day of Motorcycle Cannonball To Cross Golden Gate Bridge

After more than two gruelling weeks on the road the riders of the Motorcycle Cannonball will ride our classic motorcycles (all pre-1930) across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and into Dudley Perkins Harley-Davidson to end this epic ride.

Motorcycle Cannonball riders gather at the Pacific Ocean

As of yesterday’s scores, an amazing 50 of the initial 70 bikes are still running in the points (some dropped out, others were disqualified for various reasons). And an impressive 19 bikes and riders are still holding perfect score, which beats all the odds of riding such old motorcycles so far.

We are all tired and so are our motorycles. But after we ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and to our end point at Dudley Perkins Harley-Davidson I expect we will all have very mixed emotions about it coming to an end.

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4 Responses to Last Day of Motorcycle Cannonball To Cross Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Mike Sterba says:

    Good to see you made it all the way, Buzz. What a great adventure to follow along with, and your ’29 is one beautiful ride to behold in person. The pics don’t really do it justice.

  2. Paul Bugeja says:


    I was wondering if there were any Post 1930 machines tagging along on this cross country adventure. I do realize that only pre-1930 bike can participate in the Cannonball, but what if a biker wanted to join in on the trek with a 41 year old ride. Just curious and would willing to help out.
    Thanks, Paul

  3. Dewain Kozak says:

    Salute to all the riders. What an adventure! To ride such vintage skoots across the country is more than an adventure, and a wonderful opportunity to roll back time and take part in the most adventurous mode of travel there is………….on a vintage motorcycle.

    Congratulations to all
    Dewain Kozak