Motorcycle Cannonball Idaho to Oregeon on Vintage Harley

Yesterday we rode through western Idaho and into Oregon. Cold morning and very warm afternoon. We rode along a stunning river much of the day and my 1929 Harley JDH ran strong all day.

Only a few more days and we will have ridden our pre-1930 motorcycles 4,000 miles from New York to San Francisco.

I am amazed at how many riders are still carrying perfect scores (meaning they rode the entire distance without any truck or trailer help) and I am ranked about half field due to my one day on the truck after I picked up water from a gas station.

Today will be a challenge as we have a 110 mile stretch between gas stops. We riders are all getting creative with fuel options.

I am happy to have ridden close to 3,000 miles already and still have another few days to ride before we get to San Francisco,

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  1. dennis k says:

    great story