Motorcycle Cannonball Night 3, Days 4 and 5

I rode into the Harley museum the evening of Day 3 on a wing and a prayer. I had been spewing oil out of a hole in the bottom end where a bolt came out of one of the lifter blocks. Mechanical wizard Mark Hill and I (mostly Mark) stuffed the bolt back in along with a rubber band and some basic safety wire and I rode the few miles from the ferry to the HD museum. McGyver has nothing on Mark!

Pulling into the Harley museum on my 1929 Harley JDH

That night we found a new chromed bolt with an Allen head that fit perfectly. We carefully cleaned the entire are with contact cleaner and JB Welded the bolt in place and let it set all night with our fingers crossed.

Next day I rode from Milwaukee to Anamosa to the National Motorcycle Museum. That morning one of the rubber bars on my kicker pedal came off and I rode (and kicked it) all day with one rubber peg. We pulled into Anamosa with another perfect score and got a replacement brass kicker pedal from J&P Cycles just up the road.

This morning we pulled out of Anamosa and rode through terrible winds – headwinds, sidewinds and even back winds to get to Spirit Lake, IA. Again I managed a perfect score on the Motorcycle Cannonball.

The Motorcycle Cannonball folks are a bit overwhelmed with all the details and the ranking reports are at least a day behind. But as of Day 4 (Yesterday) I heard 70 riders started the event. Of them, and amazing 30 riders were still holding perfect scores. I know I got another one today but I have no idea how many others did too. It’s all pretty exciting and exhausting.

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One Response to Motorcycle Cannonball Night 3, Days 4 and 5

  1. Mike Sterba says:

    Hey Buzz,
    This has been an awesome story to follow along with. It was even cooler to have seen you and your ’29 JDH at the Muskegon ferry dock and show my support for the AIM team. Good luck on the rest of the trip, hopefully things will smooth out and you can enjoy yourself more. Keep the asphalt off your back and the wind in your face!