Last Minute (almost) Details Prepping for Motorcycle Cannonball

We leave from Newburgh, NY for San Francisco one week from tomorrow so I am rushing around tending to the many last minute details in prepping my Harley, my tools, spares and gear, and myself for this amazing adventure.

Pro Pad’s mounting and pole for me to fly the American flag on my Motorcycle Cannonball 1929 Harley JDH

On the first Motorcycle Cannonball I taped a small American flag on a cheap wooden pole onto the mirror stem of my 1915 on September 11, 2010. I hoped it would hold up OK for at least that one significant day. I was the only rider to flag our flag that day or any other on the ride across the US.

As it turned outed out, that cheap little flag lasted the entire ride across the US. Granted it was a little worse for the wear, but it lasted the entire way across.

So this year I wanted again to fly the American flag, but wanted a better set up. I contacted our friends at Pro Pad and explained what I needed along with a few photos of the bike and rack. They sent me just the deal to bolt right on and look great. We all agreed it would be better to have the flag behind me so it would be less distracting than on one of the mirrors in my peripheral vision.

I also stopped at an auto parts store on the way home and bought the last two ignition condensers they had in stock. Good items to carry in my spares (along with the extra coil) in my saddlebags. The guy at the counter had no idea what they were. When I asked him to check inventory for condensers, we asked me what make and year car I needed an air conditioner condenser for.


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  1. Jonathan M says:

    I’m excited, I can only imagine how excited you are.