Motorcycle Cannonball Start Details

A number of people have asked about when the best time and place will be to see the start of the 2012 Motorcycle Cannonball event. So here is what I recommend.

While the ride starts in Newburgh, NY at 9 am on Friday, September 7th, I suggest you arrive in Newburgh a day or two earlier to really take it all in. I suspect most or the bikes and riders will be in town on Wednesday, Sept 5th prepping and taking care of last minute details. I expect many of the riders will also be putting in the last shake down rides before we leave Friday.

On Wednesday and Thursday you will have the opportunity to see the bikes and chat with the riders and mechanics. Also lots of great photo ops if that’s your thing. Friday will be a different deal with the riders pretty anxious and possibly nervous about the day in front of us.

The riders lined up for the start of the first Motorcycle Cannonball. We were all quite nervous and ready to go

On Friday Class 1 bikes depart at 9 am, Class 2 at 9:10 ad Class 3 at 9:20. After that the place will be a ghost town. While it is bound to be an amazing scene that morning, it will be over rather quickly.

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