Buzz Kanter’s 1929 Harley-Davidson JDH Two Cam Motorcycle Cannonball Bike

Well, it is a month and a half before we leave on the 4,000 mile cross country Motorcycle Cannonball endurance ride and I think I am just about ready. The bike has almost 1,000 miles on it between the two rebuilt engines (one is a 1929 JDH Two Cam, and other is a slightly earlier JD single cam).

1929 Harley JDH Ready For the Motorcycle Cannonball 2012

Here is a photo I shot this morning of my 1929 Harley-Davidson JDH for a feature in the October 2012 issue of American Iron Magazine, on sale the beginning of September – just as the Motorcycle Cannonball starts.

Look closely and you can see my #15 rider plate (one on each side of the forks), the roll down Hanson windshield, the route sheet holder, a 100 mph Corbin speedometer, the legendary JDH Two Cam engine, a home-made exhaust, the factory luggage rack holding a set of throw-over saddlebags and a RotoPax spare gas tank on top.

I also added a pair of mirrors for safety, and a Heather’s Leathers solo saddle. I plan on putting on another couple of hundred shakedown miles and assembling my pile of spare. Then I believe it is ready for another ride of a lifetime.

I’d like to thank my various sponsors and supporters, without their help this would have been much more difficult. Thanks to Heather’s Leathers for the custom made seat and sheepskin cover, to Vanson Leathers for my custom made jacket, to the crew at Wheels Through Time museum for all the unending help and encouragement, Amsoil for the engine and transmission oil and the crew at American Iron Magazine for supporting me on this.

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