Motorcycle Cannonball 2012 Return Riders & Rides

While there are still some slots left open for riders to sign up for the next Motorcycle Cannonball cross country ride in 2012, I note a wide assortment of riders already registered. 

The first Motorcycle Cannonball ride, from Kitty Hawk, NC to Santa Monica, CA in 2010 was dominated by 1915 Harley-Davidsons with three speed transmissions and rugged, powerful engines. This ride was open to motorcycles sold as 1915 or earlier models.

The next ride, from Newburgh, NY to San Francisco, CA, has been opened up to motorcycles sold as 1929 or earlier. It looks like it’s attracting a lot of Henderson four-cylinder motorcycles, Indian 101 Scout motorcycles and Harley JDs.

According to the early registrations only a few of the past Cannonballers have signed up so far, including last years winner Brad Wilmarth (#1) on his 1913 Excelsior Twin, Joe Gardella (#14) returning with his 1914 Harley twin, 

Joe Gardella on his 1914 Harley-Davidson

Me (Buzz Kanter – #15) on a 1926 Harley J (instead of my 1915 Harley I rode last time)

Buzz Kanter's 1926 Harley J to ride on the Motorcycle Cannonball

Dave Fusiak (#17) returning on his 1915 Harley J

Motorcycle Cannonball rider Dave Fusiak on his 1915 Harley

Doug Finesod (#18) returning this time ona 1928 Henderson four.

Doug Finesod will ride a Henderson, and not the Indian he rode last year.

Jim Dennie (#20) will return again, this time riding a 1929 Harley JD instead of his in-line four-cylinder Militaire.

Frank Westfall (#49) will return with his 1928 Henderson four-cylinder motorcycle.

Frank Westfall on his Henderson motorcycle

 Dave Kafton (#54) returns, this time on a 1925 Harley JD.

Jim Petty (#55) will return with a newer 1927 Indian twin.

Jim Petty's 1927 Indian motorcycle.

 Kris Thompson (#58) returns, this time with a 1929 Henderson KJ motorcycle.

Kris Thompson's 1929 Henderson KJ motorcycle.

Steve Barber (#74) will be returning (wearing shorts once again) with his 1915 Harley he rode last year. 

Steve Barber on his 1915 Harley

Shinya Kimura (#80) on his 1915 Indian again.

Shinya Kimura and his 1915 Indian

There will be more, but at this time this is the list of all return riders from last year. We posted photos only if they are on the official site. There are a number of other first time riders also signed up, and more expected.

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2 Responses to Motorcycle Cannonball 2012 Return Riders & Rides

  1. Jim Crain says:


    How does one participate in this event? I have an eligible motorcycle and would like to seriously consider a run at this. My current bike is a 1927 BSA S27 side valve 500cc. May consider something with a bit more power in the BSA range. Thanks for the consideration. Jim