2012 Motorcycle Cannonball Vintage Ride Announced

Following the amazing showing on the first Motorcycle Cannonball ride across the US on pre-1916 motorcycles in 2010, a second ride has been announced from New York to San Francisco, CA.

The first event was dominated by classic Harley motorcycles, most significantly 1915 3-speed Harley twins.

1915 Harley that competed in the first Motorcycle Cannonball ride.

We are curious what will be the most successful old classic Harley models in next year’s event. Unlike the 1915 and older cut off for the first event, the rules have been made easier by allowing in motorcycle from 1929 and earlier.

Here is a video I shot while on last year’s Motorcycle Cannonball to give you some idea of the machines on the first one. Please click on the Classic motorcycles of the Motorcycle Cannonball link.

For more information on the Motorcycle Cannonball please visit www.motorcyclecannonball.com

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