Harley 1934 Open Season On Fun Ad


Open Season on Fun!

Ride a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

It’s outdoor time and the open season for going places! When you own a 1937 Harley-Davidson you light out for the fun spots any time evenings, Saturday afternoons, and over week-ends. Distant places are brought nearer your mount has speed galore. Costs are way down low the new Harley-Davidsons have many new and unusual motor improvements which cut gas and oil consumption tremendously. No other type of transportation can match these up-to-the-minute motorcycles for economy. And say if it’s smart styling, class, and riding comfort you want get aboard one of these 1937 models!
See your nearest Harley-Davidson dealer PRONTO. Ask him for a FREE RIDE about his Easy Pay Plans and send in the coupon.

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