Harley News! Staff Changes at American Iron Magazine

American Iron Magazine, the bestselling motorcycle magazine on the newsstand, is getting a new Editor after Chris Maida recently announced his retirement after 18 years at the company. Publisher Buzz Kanter announced Steve Lita is being promoted from Editor of American Iron Garage to Editor of the much larger American Iron Magazine.

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In another announcement Kanter announced Tyler Greenblatt is moving up to the Editor’s role at American Iron Garage and other newsstand special issues. And Bryan Harley has been hired as the new online Editor for the American Iron family of products.

American Iron Magazine will continue to feature one or more classic American motorcycle (Harley-Davidson, Indian, Excelsior, Thor, Pope, Crocker, Whizzer, etc) in every issue. It is published every four weeks for 13 issues a year.

Subscriptions are available for American Iron Magazine in PRINT ($24.97 for 13 issues in the US) or DIGITAL ($19.97 anywhere in the world) delivery.


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