Mix & Match 1930s Harley VL and Sidecar From 10 Year Hibernation

We love American Iron Magazine, because it is a high quality magazine that always features a classic American motorcycle (usually a Harley) and some classic motorcycle tech in each issue.

In addition, these good folks publish a few special newsstand issues of all tech, called American Iron Garage, which is available in stores, in digital delivery or through www.Greaserag.com.

1930s Harley VL up on the workstand at Retrocycle in Boonton, NJ

In the next issue, they will be publishing an article on how to pull an old Harley out of hibernation and get it running and back on the road. They used this mix and match 1930s Harley VL and sidecar. Mix and match because it is built with Harley parts from various years and models.

Old sidecar from a 1930s Harley.

It had not been ridden or even started in more than 10 years before this project began. The first thing they did was unbolt the sidecar from the bike so they could roll the motorcycle up on a lift to start sorting it out.

1930s classic Harley VL up on the work bench

What happened and what did they find after pulling this vintage Harley out a basement where it sat for more than a decade? Well, you are going to have to pick up a copy of American Iron Garage to find out more.

You can subscribe to American Iron Magazine in PRINT or DIGITAL delivery by clicking on the appropriate link.

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