Real Classic Harley Enthusiasts Only

Due to the aggressive number of spammers, phishers and cyberspace time wasters here, we ask you to please post or reply to something related to classic Harleys or Harley history.

If you do not reply to one of our posts with something related to the topic we will remove you from being a user here.

Thanks and we trust you understand.

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3 Responses to Real Classic Harley Enthusiasts Only

  1. Hi Buzz
    congratulations on your Harley site!
    Best regards

  2. Geoff Betzing says:

    Great website, wealth of information..good luck in the Cannonball

  3. Dale Kerr says:

    Hello Buzz,I seen a few comments in this website that I wanted to leave a comment to and didn’t see anywhere to leave a comment at.I seen a 48 Panhead for sale from the UK and I couldn’t leave a comment to her.I think the name was Sandra and anyways she had it for sale from the uk and can you maybe help me with this,Thanks again Buzz and keep up this awesome website,really like what I seen so far,thanks