Classic Harley Tech – Penetrating Oil Bath or No?

On the advice of a friend who has been messing with classic Harley and Indian motorcycles about as long as I have, I bought and sprayed a can of Gibbs penetrating oil all over my mostly original paint 1924 Harley JDCA.

I soaked my classic Harley in Gibbs penetrating oil to look and run better.

I am told this oil was designed for high tech applications and is used by collector gun enthusiasts. I am told it will help the life and the look of raw metal, plated metal and even old painted metal. I bought a few cans and just sprayed the bike down.

The other side of the classic Harley after spraying it down with penetrating oil.

I plan to leave the oil on the old Harley for a week or so to penetrate in. Then I will carefully wipe off the excess with paper towels. I have tried other products including StrongArm and Kroil, both of which seem to work well.

Anyone else have other suggestions on similar processes?

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One Response to Classic Harley Tech – Penetrating Oil Bath or No?

  1. Bill says:

    I have heard Gibbs was the best