1929 Harley JDH at Wheels Through Time – Factory Repaint or Other?

Original paint or factory repainted? Interesting question that we might never know the answer to. Especially when it comes to this wonderful 1929 Harley JDH Two Cam that has been on display (and ridden) at Wheels Through Time museum.

1929 Harley JDH at Wheels Through Time museum

According to the folks at Wheels Through Time, “The Harley Davidson JDH is among the rarest production machines built by the Motor Company in its 110 year existence. This 1929 example was brought back to the factory in 1936 for a fresh coat of paint. Notice the 1936 decal and stripe on the gas tank.”

We like it, a lot. And we are curious about the history of the unoriginal exhaust muffler.

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