4 Classic Harley Riders Form Team American Iron For Motorcycle Cannonball 2014

The Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run is returning for 2014 and it will be the most challenging to date. This will be the third running of the coast-to-coast endurance ride for classic motorcycles and riders. It will start in Daytona Beach, FL on September 5 and cover nearly 4,200 miles to Tacoma, WA on September 21, 2014. The event is open to riders on 1936 or older motorcycles. The field, which allows 100 riders, is already sold out with a waiting list.

Four long time enthusiasts and good friends are joining forces to create the first ever Team American Iron specifically for the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball ride. The team consists of four riders, two mechanics, and a support truck manager/driver. The team is as follows:


Paul Ousey will be again draining a lot of oil out of this 1925 Harley JE on the next Motorcycle Cannonball

Paul Ousey will be again draining a lot of oil out of this 1925 Harley JE on the next Motorcycle Cannonball

Paul Ousey. Paul, a long time collector and rider of classic motorcycles, competed in the first Motorcycle Cannonball on his 1913 single cylinder belt drive Harley. He partnered up with Buzz Kanter and Jim Petty on the second Motorcycle Cannonball in 2012 on his 1925 Harley JE. For 2014 Paul plans to compete on his 1925 Harley JE (above) rebuilt by Larry Wood and Dale Walksler, once again.

Pat and Cris Simmons – Riding a 1929 JD and a 1934 VD Harley on the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball

Cris Sommer Simmons. Cris is one of the founders of Harley Women magazine, the author of several motorcycle books, including Cannonball Diary and The American Motorcycle Girls 1900-1950, and is a regular columnist in American Iron Magazine. Cris rode her 1915 Harley twin on the first Motorcycle Cannonball in 2010. She has been inducted into all three Motorcycle Halls of Fame and is married to Pat Simmons. For 2014 Cris plans to compete on her 1934 Harley VD flathead rebuilt by Steve Huntzinger.

Pat Simmons. Pat is a long time collector, mechanic and rider of antique motorcycles. When not wrenching or riding on his classic motorcycles Pat makes a living as a musician. He is one of the lead singers, and a founding member of the Grammy Award winning Doobie Brothers. Pat acted as support staff for his wife Cris and her 1915 Harley Effie on the first Motorcycle Cannonball. For 2014 Pat plans to compete on his 1929 Harley JD, also rebuilt by Steve Huntzinger.

Buzz will ride this 1936 Harley VLH after rebuilding it at Wheels Through Time museum.

Buzz Kanter. Buzz is the publisher of American Iron MagazineMotorcycle BaggerAmerican Iron Garage and RoadBike. A long time collector and rider of antique motorcycles, Buzz rode a 1915 Harley twin in the first Motorcycle Cannonball, and his 1929 Harley JDH “Two Cam” on the second one in 2012. Buzz has been inducted into all three Motorcycle Halls of Fame. For 2014 Buzz plans to compete on his 1936 Harley VLH (above) flathead rebuilt by Dale Walksler.

Coe. Lead Mechanic.
Wheeze. Support Mechanic.
Ponytail Paul. Support truck manager/driver.

All members of Team American Iron thank Dale Walksler and the Wheels Through Time museum crew for helping prep the motorcycles for this grueling ride.

About American Iron Magazine. Celebrating its 25th year of publication in 2014, American Iron Magazine is the best selling Harley-oriented magazine in the world. For more information please visit www.aimag.com.

About Motorcycle Cannonball. Started by Lonnie Isam, Jr in 2010 as a coast-to-coast endurance ride for antique motorcycles, this will be the third and longest Motorcycle Cannonball ride to date. For more information please visit www.MotorcycleCannonball.com.

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