1915 Harley Twin Featured in Special Collector’s Harley Magazine

This stunning restored 1915 Harley twin is to be featured in a new, special collector’s ┬ámagazine from the American Iron Magazine team – American Glory: 110 Years of Harley-Davidson.

Restored 1915 classic Harley twin motorcycle

This 1915 Harley twin was photographed by Buzz Kanter, and is just one of the beautiful classic Harley motorcycles to be featured in the pages of American Glory: 110 Years of Harley-Davidson. In addition to features on various Harleys through the years, there are articles on the history of various models and aspects of Harley over the years. It goes on sale the end of August in most stores that sell American Iron Magazine.

1915 Harley-Davidson Twin with magneto ignition

This particular motorcycle was restored by Larry Woods and is owned by Paul Ousey. If you look closely you will note it is a magneto ignition model with no generator or battery. The headlight and tail light are gas powered. The gas is held in the canister behind the handlebars.

American Glory: 110 Years of Harley-Davidson is a special newsstand only issue from the team that publishes American Iron Magazine. This issue goes on sale the end of August and will be available in digital delivery on Zinio.com. It will also be available for sale in print on www.greaserag.com.

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