1956 Harley Panhead Barn Find & Buy

After driving more than an hour up to check out the old Panhead in the barn I found out the seller had already cleaned and shined the bike before we go there. So it didn’t look so much like a barn find as I had expected.

1956 Harley Panhead barn find after the seller cleaned it up. A real barn in rural New England.

I also found out the seller had plugged a battery charger to the battery that had not been charged in years. I added some oil (as the tank was nearly empty) and left the 12 volt charger on the bike.

Dave, who called me about this bike, and the “farmer’s daughter” Jamie, who does not go with the bike. It sure cleaned up well.

We did manage to fire it off with the 3 or 4 year old gas in the tanks – which frankly surprised me. I wonder why the seller took the time to clean the bike but not drain the stale gas out of the tanks?

After bringing it back to our storage are I shot some WD-40 on all the rusty parts and areas to soak in. Tomorrow I’d check and fill the old battery’s cells and try to charge them, at least until we can get a new 12-volt battery to replace this old one. We need to drain out the old gas and oil and add fresh. Then I suspect we could get this bike running and back on the road pretty easily.


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