Classic Harley Panhead Found In A Barn

I am up and getting ready early this morning as I am driving up state Connecticut this morning to investigate and possibly buy a classic 1956 Harley Panhead in a barn.

I got a call from a friend a few weeks ago about his pal wanting to sell his classic old Harley Panhead and some old British motorcycles. They have been sitting untouched for a few years in his friends barn. He sent met some poor cellphone photos last week and I have made plans to drive up and check it out.

Classic Harley Panhead in a barn. I might be buying it for a friend if the VIN is good and we can get it to start after so many years.

I do not need another Panhead now but a friend has been looking for a couple of years. We agreed if the engine VIN stamps look legit and I can get the bike to start he will buy it. Let’s hope so. I might be able to buy the old Harley spare parts or myself and the bike for Richard.

Even buying a classic Harley for a friend like this is exciting. More info and photos to follow.

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One Response to Classic Harley Panhead Found In A Barn

  1. robert says:

    love seeing this happen !!!!