Classic Harley Knucklehead Racer

I found this photo of a duel-carb Harley Knucklehead (I am pretty sure it is a Knucklehead) racer on the Internet and wanted to share it here.

Dual-carb Harley Knucklehead drag race motorcycle

No front fender, dual carbs (possibly British Amals), low bars, open primary, bobbed rear fender and where is the stock oil tank?

Also, check out the radical placement of the footpeg and clutch activator way back by the rear axle.

What else do you see that can add to our understanding of this bike?

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2 Responses to Classic Harley Knucklehead Racer

  1. Bon says:

    The carberators are early 1930s Amels these carbs had a fuel bowl that was separate from the throttle body, look close an see the tops of fuel bowls are mounted directly to the left side of tank, and what looks like tape wrapped around carbs to help hold it all together. He and there is no oil bag on the bike. The right side of fuel tank, ( see the two caps?) that is we’re the oil goes.

  2. Thunder says:

    Possibly a Eddie Long bike. Any idea what state this is from?