1948 Harley Panhead Classic Motorcycle – Dirty & Rusty

When it comes to classic Harley motorcycles, what is there about dirty, old and rusty ones that make them stand out from the crowd? Park a couple of fully restored classic Harleys and one dirty, rusty one, and guess which will get the greater attention? Yep – usually the dirty one.

My “Crustoration” 1948 Harley Panhead as featured in in a step by step project build the pages of American Iron Magazine many years ago.

So just for fun, I thought I’d share some photos of dirty 1948 Harley Panheads – the first year Pan and last year production big twin vintage Harley with a springer front end. The Harley factory did offer a few 1949 Harley Panheads with springers, but they are quite rare.

The other side of my “crustoration” 1948 Harley Panhead after we found and added some crusty old saddlebags. I took this photo in Milwaukee at Harley’s 105th anniversary in 2008

A dirty and crusty classic Harley is one thing, but how about a rusty one? And they don’t come much more rusty than Dave Monahan’s Panhead I photographed and also featured in the pages (and on the cover) of American Iron Magazine a couple of years ago.

Dave Monahan’s rusty classic 1948 Harley Panhead

In spite of how it looks, Dave’s bike, which he totally rebuilt mechanically, starts up easily and runs like new. He likes to bring it to bike events, park it and walk away to listen to the comments.

Dave Monahan riding his rusty 1948 Panhead

Harley-Davidson sold Panheads from 1948 through 1965. In 1948 Harley produced 198 ES Panheads, 4,321 ELs, 334 FSs and 8,071 FLs. The E-series Panheads (61 cubic inch) retailed for $635, and the F-series (74 cubic inch) retailed for $650.

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  1. Cole higley says:

    That is what a motorcycle is suppose to look like. I love it!