Paul Weyers on a 1930 DAR Harley factory road racer.

In honor of this week’s Daytona Bike Week roadraces, I thought it would be fun to share a rare Harley roadracer from the late 1920s. Here is Paul Weyers on what might be the only original Harley DAR factory road racer.

Paul Weyers on a DAR Harley factory road racer motorcycle

This purpose built classic Harley racer was sent to Europe and was quite successful. It was a special built one-off motorcycle  featuring a 45 c.i. overhead valve DAH motor.

This motorcycle is built around a 45″ DAH hillclimber overhead valve engine .This was Harley’s first bike to have a recirculating oil pump. Paul won many races in Europe on this motorcycle

In looking at this photo I have to wonder why the factory left the cylinder tool box on the I-beam forks, but no lights. Also note the unusual foot clutch mechanism.

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