Random Classic Harley Photo 1926 JE Project Motorcycle

It seems when I am overwhelmed with classic Harley project bikes and a long list of to do projects I stumble across a great deal on another classic Harley project. That was the case on this 1926 Harley JE that was advertised on a local Craigslist post.

Classic Harley 1926 JE project from Craigslist ad

I called on the ad, spoke with the seller and drove up to Rhode Island with a pocket of cash the following week. The photo above is what the bike looked like as purchased. I took that photo of this dusty almost restored old Harley twin in the seller’s driveway.

Classic 1926 Harley JE project as purchased.

It had seen a lot of work done on it a few years ago and then left to sit untouched long enough to get pretty dusty.

Rebuilt engine, but work was not finished on this 1926 Harley JE

The seller claimed the entire engine was rebuilt and ready to run many years ago. It has sat since then. It also came with a few boxes of spare parts. I trucked the bike home to clean and polish it up to see what I was dealing with here. I also oiled the top and bottom of the engine “just in case.”

Above it what it looked like after I spent a couple of hours washing, waxing and polishing the motorcycle from one end to the other. I also conditioned the leather saddle, inflated the tires and thoroughly lubed both the primary and drive chains. The correct primary cover was included with the spare parts.

There are a few other projects I need to finish before I start on this one.

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