Classic Harley History Articles & Authors Needed For Magazine

I am the publisher of American Iron Magazine, the best selling Harley-oriented magazine in the world. We have published special collector’s issues of magazine celebrating Harley’s 90th, 95th and 100th anniversaries (still on sale at We have begun planning a special newsstand-only issue in 2013 to celebrate Harley’s 110th anniversary.

Collectible classic Harley magazines on sale at

We are looking for a few more interesting topics relating to any classic Harley or Harley history for possible publication. And we are looking for authors, artists and photographers to contribute to this special classic Harley history issue. We do print by-lines and pay on publication.

If you are interested in possibly being part of this special issue please write to and specify “American Glory – 110 Years of Harley” in the subject line.

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