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Harley Davidson’s Forgotten WWII Motorcycle – the XA

I was researching a post on Police Harley-Davidsons, when I ran across what may be one of the rarest Harley-Davidsons. Harley-Davidsons were the main General Purpose vehicle of the US Army in WWI and many other US Army actions, such … Continue reading

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Real Classic Harley Enthusiasts Only

Due to the aggressive number of spammers, phishers and cyberspace time wasters here, we ask you to please post or reply to something related to classic Harleys or Harley history. If you do not reply to one of our posts … Continue reading

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Harley-Davidson’s First Land Speed Record

A large part of the reason Harley-Davidson is the leading US Motorcycle manufacturer after more than 100 years was its early reputation of reliability and speed established by many racing and hill climb successes. Walter Davidson himself won the 7th … Continue reading

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Classic Motorcycle Police Recruit Poster

Great old poster from the Maryland State Police looking to recruit new police motor officers. $100 a month for “real men” sounds like a good deal. The motorcycle he is riding looks like a mid 1920s Harley JD.

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