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Harley TNT On Wheels 1934 Motorcycle Ad

  TNT ON WHEELS MORE “punch” than a motorcycle motor has ever had before that’s what is shooting Harley-David-sons ahead to victory on track and hill the world over. Wait till you feel the thrill of that surging power under … Continue reading

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1931 Traffic Sign To Warn Motorists

  Odd Traffic Signs Warn Motorists ESPECIALLY designed to command instant notice of motorists, a new type of traffic signal, recently put into use in Philadelphia, is shaped like a diamond and equipped with a blinker light to give additional … Continue reading

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1928 and 1929 Harley Hot Rods, JDH 2-Cam Motorcycles

In spite of their amazing power and poularity, the legendary Harley JDH 2-Cam motorcycles were offered for two years in street motorcycles, 1928 and ’29. Yet, so many Harley enthusiasts know little about these amazing machines. Here is a short video … Continue reading

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Harley 1934 Open Season On Fun Ad

  Open Season on Fun! Ride a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle It’s outdoor time and the open season for going places! When you own a 1937 Harley-Davidson you light out for the fun spots any time evenings, Saturday afternoons, and over week-ends. … Continue reading

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